a kimono fair and fresh peaches


I usually don’t shop for groceries in the middle of the week, but I needed some floor wax for my poor hardwood floor so I stopped by a supermarket/shopping mall on my way home from work to get some and they were having this secondhand kimono and yukata sale.

Brand new kimonos and yukatas are very expensive, most of them range from $900 up to $2500 and higher. So I was quite pleased to see you can actually find beautifully crafted secondhand kimonos for about $200 although it’s still pricey for me. Those geta sandals (japanese wooden sandals) were so beautiful I almost got one and $25 for a pair seemed quite reasonable, but I’m not one to give up food for fashion – I still had my floor wax, fresh peaches and so to buy, so the geta sandals stayed put. Peaches are the ultimate taste of summer and spring for me, so I’m enjoying these while I still can, soon it will be all about hot chocolate and butter biscuits.

I didn’t walk out empty-handed, however. There were lots of Japanese kimono clutches to choose from, each fabric more vivid in color and richer in details than the other and for $5 I thought it was quite a steal, so I got this one in reddish-orange and I’m quite happy with it, it is just so precious!

saturday afternoon shopping


So yesterday I went to my favorite store, Shimamura – Japan’s largest discount apparel chain. H&M is building this huge outlet in Tokyo due next year, but it’s just too far from where I live (I hope they open one up in Nagoya, much much closer! – *fingers crossed*) so Shimamura is the place where I can get some pretty good stuff by a reasonable price. And yesterday they were having this spring clearance sale for Fall and it was madness.

The thing is, I’m a plus size and I wasn’t expecting to find anything. My wardrobe needed some updating for Fall and I’m craving trench coats and ankle boots. I found this comfortable pair of ankle boots, they looked like a sharpei dog, though. I didn’t take it, but it’s starting to grow on me, so we’ll see how it unfolds (pun not intended!). I also found this large black quilted tote with chain straps and the right “wet” look, I really wanted this one to go to work, but it was either the bag or this grey plaid coat – I went for the coat.

Just as I was leaving, I went to the sale rack and I found this cropped jacket for $2,50. I’ve already got one in navy so I thought why not one in khaki? I wanted to take the scarf to go with it, but again the money was short and I left it behind. Maybe next time?