saturday afternoon shopping


So yesterday I went to my favorite store, Shimamura – Japan’s largest discount apparel chain. H&M is building this huge outlet in Tokyo due next year, but it’s just too far from where I live (I hope they open one up in Nagoya, much much closer! – *fingers crossed*) so Shimamura is the place where I can get some pretty good stuff by a reasonable price. And yesterday they were having this spring clearance sale for Fall and it was madness.

The thing is, I’m a plus size and I wasn’t expecting to find anything. My wardrobe needed some updating for Fall and I’m craving trench coats and ankle boots. I found this comfortable pair of ankle boots, they looked like a sharpei dog, though. I didn’t take it, but it’s starting to grow on me, so we’ll see how it unfolds (pun not intended!). I also found this large black quilted tote with chain straps and the right “wet” look, I really wanted this one to go to work, but it was either the bag or this grey plaid coat – I went for the coat.

Just as I was leaving, I went to the sale rack and I found this cropped jacket for $2,50. I’ve already got one in navy so I thought why not one in khaki? I wanted to take the scarf to go with it, but again the money was short and I left it behind. Maybe next time?

Um comentário sobre “saturday afternoon shopping

  1. ambika disse:

    For 2.50 they would have been lucky if I hadn’t done a little dance in their store to celebrate. Nice find.

    Yeah, I also get that thrilled when I find something I really like and it turns out to be a bargain!

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